New York City Diamonds

Arsenic Editorial in New York City, August 2017. (see full story here)
Models: Pani Sabet, Amber Leigh West, Yulyana Rudziankova, Caryss Schulze, Yesyponce Deleon. Produced by Michelle Xuxu and Jeremy Hodkin. Jewelry by Joseph Gad. Hair and Makeup by Dunia Ghabour.

Haute Tropic

Ellements Magazine September Fashion Issue Editorial (see full story here)
Stylist/Creative Director: Brittany Diego, Model: Brittany Colombo, Hair/Makeup Artist: Geovana Avila

Backyard Riches

Lookbook for Off the Handle NYC jewelry line. Models: Beata Komoni, Bella Blanca, Megan Flanagan. Makeup: Cassandra Corinne.  Designed by Dana Flanagan. (see full story here)

Malibu Dreamin

Madeleine Keating for Elegant Magazine June 2017 in Malibu, California. Styled by Saniyyah Bilal. Hair and Makeup by Maria Aspegren.
(see full story here)

Downtown Daydream

Arsenic Editorial in Downtown Los Angeles. (see full story here).
Models: Felicia Sanders, Jess Dykstra, Billie Jeanz Stylist: Karlee Carteer Producer: Alexandra Floro Hair and Makeup: Brenna Marian.

Be You

Four-part photo book available on 
Photographer and Creative Director: Jessica Pomerantz / Model and Author: Jessica De La Cruz / Stylist: Saniyyah Bilal / Hair and Makeup: Maria Aspegren / Videographer: Josh Jones and Tyler Lynch
(see full story here).

Cottonwood Tree

Danielle Castano for Resuer Magazine Issue 10 in Denver, Colorado. Shot on 35mm film. (see full story here).

Stello Dinner Party

Jessa Hinton and Erica Kayrin in the Hollywood Hills. Dresses by Stello by Michael Costello. Makeup by Bria Valencia. Styled by Sella Em.
(see full story here).

Arsenic Marie Claire Interview

2 Day interview with Marie Claire Magazine about the women behind Arsenic. Models: Ava Capra, Amber Borzotra, Nikki Kennedy. Produced and Styled by Alexandra Floro. Hair and Makeup by Brenna Marian. (see full story here).

Window Shopper

Cameron Woods for Elegant Magazine June 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (see full story here).


Arsenic Editorial in Koreatown Los Angeles. (see full story here).
Models: Amber Borzotra, Chelsey Heath, Krisondra Daigneault, Nikki Kennedy Producers: Alexandra Floro, Perla Diaz Hair: Nelly Demirchyan Makeup: Nelly Kazanchyan

The Girl from Venus

Dagny Paige in Elegant Magazine February 2017 in Glassell Park, California. Styled by Saniyyah Bilal. Hair and Makeup by Maria Aspegren. (see full story here).

Parisian Exchange

Alexandra Thompson for B-Authentique Online Magazine in Glassell Park, California. (see full story here).

Profoto Lightshaping

Jessie Graff, Michelle Marx, Meagan Ouellette, and Caitlin Dechelle in West Hollywood, California.

Roller Girl

Arsenic Editorial with Lauren Bonner in Beverly Hills, California. (see fully story here).
Producer: Kendra Zager Hair: Becky Wolfe Makeup: Gabriella Shpirt

Hotel California

Kiley Spurlock in Santa Monica, California.


Melissa Barlow in Studio City, California. Styled by Saniyyah Bilal. Hair and Makeup by Maria Aspegren.

Alexandra Thompson Interview

Alexandra Thompson for B-Authentique Magazine in Glassell Park, California.

Old Hollywood Meets New Paris

Annabelle Walt in Echo Park, California.

Women's March

Women's March held in downtown Los Angeles, California on January 21, 2017.

Flower Girl

Christy Soeder in Hollywood, California.